Own Amazon Franchise In 2023 {Requirements & Cost}

E-commerce has grown rapidly in recent years. There is a rise in the number of websites available online, and many consumers now prefer doing their shopping virtually. The delivery Amazon franchise is a great option if you want to establish your own courier or cargo business, as Amazon is one of the top eCommerce portals in India, delivering three to four million packages per day to customers all over the country.

In this paper, we’ll address aspects including how much an Amazon distributorship will set you back, what kind of property you’ll need, and the application process for an Amazon logistics franchise.

Amazon India: An Introduction 

The company first forayed into the Indian industry in 2013, and by 2018, it had established itself as the country’s preeminent online marketplace.  Amazon. in is widely available in India, but the company plans to increase its footprint and generate one million new employment there. Amazon’s huge popularity and potential for expansion make it appealing to those thinking of the Amazon logistics franchise.

Are you qualified to join the Amazon Distributorship program? Then read on to discover the Amazon franchise cost in India and the steps required to start an Amazon franchise in India.

Why Choose the Amazon India Franchise?

Entrepreneurs looking for a promising field will find one in Amazon distributorship because of its strong demand. In addition, the Amazon Logistics Franchise has a low barrier to entry. Here are just a few of the many reasons why an Amazon Franchise can be a game-changer for an ambitious business owner.

1. Amazon Franchise India

Amazon Franchise India can be started with little to no prior industry knowledge. One major perk of this Amazon franchise opportunity is that it doesn’t require any prior business expertise to apply. In its more than 20 years in business, Amazon has amassed a wealth of knowledge in the areas of technology, procedures, and shipping. As a result, Amazon will give you operational training.

2. Amazon Offers Substantial Backing

Amazon’s Franchisees can count on constant assistance and guidance from Amazon to ensure a successful Amazon Distributorship.

3. Associated Costs

If thinking of Amazon franchise costs in India, remember, franchise fees and initial investments are not required. To get things rolling, you’ll need only Rs. 1.5 lacs. Your liquid assets must total between 6 and 8 lacs.

4. Management of Staffs

Since concentrating on sales is not required, you can give your full attention to your staff. Developing a strong team, rewarding positive behavior, and fostering a positive company culture will all contribute to steady expansion.

5. Happy and Satisfied Customers

Amazon puts its customers first more than any other business. That’s why they want the package delivered with a smile. The success of your company hinges on the quality of the culture you foster among your staff.

6. Additional Benefits

It’s a great way to develop your inner entrepreneur while thinking of the Amazon logistics franchise. For the Amazon franchise to succeed, it must first and foremost provide excellent service. You need to work on inspiring and motivating your staff. Successful business ownership requires excellent people skills and the ability to effectively convey information.

Amazon Franchise Cost in India

If you have access to a prime site with 200 to 300 square feet, opening an Amazon franchise could be a wise financial move. However, the standard Amazon Franchise cost in India can be anything from INR 1.5 million to INR 5 million. It should be noted that this does not account for costs associated with:

  • Cost of the utility lights.
  • Compensation of Employees.
  • Lease for Workplace Use (If rented).
  • Costs related to maintaining vehicles

Taking everything into account, one might need between 6 and 8 lacs in liquid assets to start an amazon logistics franchise.

Documentation Required for Amazon Distributorship

Applying for Amazon Distributorship requires the following paperwork and registrations:

  • Registration for GST and a GST number.
  • Identification documentation.
  • Passbook and bank account information.
  • Financial statements (such as a balance sheet and statement of income and expenses) that attest to your competence in business.
  • Passport size photographs

Qualifications for Establishing an Amazon Franchise India.

Requirements to Start an Amazon Franchise

Some important requirements that one should keep in mind whilelaunching an amazon distributorship are:

  1. You need at least 20 delivery vans and 40 bikes. Suitable vans should have at least 120 cubic feet of storage space.
  2. Also, one needs 40-100 transport workers. Amazon will supply identification badges and high-visibility vests for all drivers.
  3. Your service must be available 24×7. Therefore, a system of rotating shifts in the workplace is required.
  4. Technology is not a top priority; hence no major investments have been made. Laptops, printers, scanners, the internet, and routers are all necessities in the modern workplace.
  5. You must register for GST in India. You must comply with the laws of your state regarding GST. The process will involve billing, regular payments, and annual tax filings.
  6. You can check out Amazon’s current Delivery hubs once you’ve been chosen as a DSP. To learn more about the industry, talk to DSPs who are already in operation.

Profit for Amazon’s Delivery Franchise

The company claims that its Amazon franchise may make between Rs 50,000- 2,000,000 monthly.  In addition, Amazon provides them with a 10% sales commission. On average, an investor can anticipate a 25% return on their money within a time frame of 6-8 months.

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Ways for Starting an Amazon Franchise in India

  • Sign up for an account
    • Use the Amazon DSP signup page to register for an account.
  • Complete the application form for the Amazon logistics franchise
    • Information about your organization and a bank account is required. The form also includes information about the employment process and employee payments. 
  • Application assessment and interview process
    • Your application will be examined, and an interview will be held.
  • Training 
    • If you are chosen as a DSP, Amazon will provide training for two weeks.
  • Prepare your Amazon Franchise for Success
    • Having a business setup that complies with all regulations is essential.

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