Ola Electric Scooter Dealership In 2023 (Cost & Profit)

Due to growing gas prices and environmental concerns caused by the enormous on-road quantities of diesel and petrol vehicles, the globe is moving toward electric vehicles (EVs). The Asia-Pacific area is predicted to become the largest market for EVs worldwide by the year 2030 which gives space for Ola scooter dealerships.

Readers with an interest in gadgets and automobiles might be curious about opening Ola electric scooter dealership. Since production will occur in India, it is expected that training will be based on trial and error.

In 2020, the 25 Indian EV manufacturers sold a combined total of 25,598 units, and in 2021, they expect to sell 1,16,669 EVs. From the previous year, this is a significant increase of 355% due to the presence of COVID.

All right, let’s get down to the essentials of the OLA scooter dealership and how to get OLA dealership.

OLA Electric Scooters: An Introduction

Before delvinginto OLA electric scooter franchise and how to get OLA dealership, having an idea about OLA electric scooter is a must.

The “Mission Electric” goal of the OLA team is to have only electric scooters on the roads of the State by the year 2025. On India’s 75th Independence Day, August 15, 2021, Ola Electric introduced the OLA scooter S1 and S1 Pro. There were two versions, both of which went on sale on September 8th, 2021, with deliveries anticipated for October. Their primary factory is in Tamil Nadu, India, and the rest of the production will take place in either India or the Netherlands.

Prices range from $99,999 for the S1 Escooter to $1,29,000 for the S1 Pro.  OLA has partnered with banks to provide a lease program for its two E-scooters, and it also operates Ola electric scooter dealership.

When Should you Consider Opening An OLA Electric Scooter Dealership?

It might be quite beneficial to open an OLA electric scooter franchise. In today’s polluted environment, an Indian electric vehicle like OLA Electric Scooters is an excellent option for a number of reasons, including:

  • EVs, or electric vehicles, are clean, sustainable, and cost-effective substitutes for gas and diesel cars that produce harmful emissions. This is one of the primary reasons to opt for the Ola scooter dealership.
  • Approximately 85 billion dollars worth of FDI has been invested in the electric vehicle market.
  • For investors seeking lucrative prospects in the automotive industry, the Asia Pacific area and India in particular offer better and cheaper production costs.
  • By 2030, analysts predict that India will have the largest market for mass-transit and shared-mobility electric vehicles, creating a massive opportunity for lucrative EV dealerships.
  • OLA scoter dealership has a lot of room to grow in India because of the country’s huge two-wheeler market. 
  • As part of its efforts to reduce air and vehicle emission pollution, the Indian government is providing substantial subsidies, encouragement, and policy matters for the EV sector.
  • With the rising cost of diesel, gas, and petroleum, the Government of India’s (GOI) effort also significantly lessens the reliance of two-wheelers on fuel.


Individuals involved in OLA electric scooter dealership requires to spend up to 50 Lakh on orders of OLA E-scooters S1 and S1 Pro, which includes all fees and costs. A showroom and warehouse, service and charging area, internal office infrastructure, and similar necessities can add another 25 Lakh to the ola electric scooter dealership.

In any case, an OLA scoter dealership may need an investment of 80-90 Lakh, which would cover both working capital and inventory. 

How to Get an OLA Dealership? 

Please refer to the following steps to determine how to get Ola dealership:

  • Get in touch with OLA corporate to request a dealer information packet with the full terms of the partnership. Visit https://www.olacabs.com/contact for contact information.
  • Please send your completed OLA electric scooter dealership application via email as per the instructions supplied by the firm.
  • The offer from the company about the OLA scooter franchise will be communicated in a subsequent response.
  • Please read the agreement and all of its provisions, including the required investment and the Full Disclosure Documents, very carefully.
  • Before opening an OLA scooter dealership, it’s important to do some market research.
  • You should self-finance the deal if at all possible. If you can’t, you’ll need to borrow money from financial institutions like banks and investors.
  • When you’re prepared and sure you want to move forward, you can sign the OLA Scooter franchise and make the required deposits.
  • Launch your OLA electric scooter franchise with the help of OLA’s support and training system.

Required Documents for OLA Scooter Franchise

For the OLA Electric scooter Dealership application processing step to begin, you will need to provide specific papers, as indicated on the application form such as: 

  • Voter or Aadhar card of the prospective dealer
  • PAN Card and Residential Proof
  • Passport size photograms 
  • Valid Mobile Number and Email address 

Profit Margin With OLA Scooter Franchise

The OLA electric scooter dealership sells electric vehicles and generates enormous profits. The market for electric vehicles is exploding as more and more people switch to using them. Major investments are being made in charging stations, EV dealerships, infrastructure, and the expansion of manufacturing capacity by every major automaker in India. With a staggering 25% profit margin on every sale, OLA scooters are a steal.

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Final Thoughts

To sum up, India is going to be a massive market for electric bikes. Despite the high initial investment needed to open an OLA scooter franchise dealership, the agreement is secure, focused on profit, and has an eye toward the future.

The demand for electric vehicles (EVs) in India is growing at an astounding rate, making it a good time to invest in an OLA electric scooter dealership. You, as their dealer, will have to overcome some initial hurdles, but in the end, you may make as much as 25% of the sale price. Your success at the outlet may need you to multitask and concentrate hard.

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