Dominos Franchise Cost in India in 2023

Domino’s franchise in India is a great option for anyone looking to open their own business. Success in the Indian market for Domino’s pizza franchises, which began in the mid-1980s, has led to the opening of more than 1400 locations around the country. Many business enthusiasts are interested in knowing Dominos franchise cost in India and other related stuff.

We’ll cover all you need to know to open a Domino’s franchise in India, including the projected price tag, how to get in touch with the right people, future profits and costs, and the application process concerning how to own a Domino’s outlet.

Domino’s Pizza Franchise in India: An Introduction

Before delving into the Domino’s franchise cost in India and how to get a Domino’s franchise in India, one should have an idea about the franchise. Domino’s is number one in the fast-food industry and among the greatest pizza chains in the world, with an annual turnover of $6.6 billion.

Opening a Domino’s franchise in India is a beneficial option for those interested in opening Pizza outlets. There are no signs of slowing down in the pizza business. The bold new flavours that draw from Asian, Mexican, and Caribbean cooking have become increasingly popular in recent years.

Domino’s Pizza was named the world’s largest pizza retailer in 2018. As a result, in 2021, a Domino’s franchise in India will set you back INR 50 lakhs for a “traditional” store and INR 30 lakhs for a “non-traditional” store.

Types of Dominos Pizza franchise in India

Ever wondered, how to get a Domino’s franchise in India? Dominos India offers predominantly three types of franchises:

  1. Traditional Stores: A traditional store is one like the Domino’s pizza place that is in a building with a lot of parking spots for both customers and delivery people. Big buildings or even shopping malls are examples of traditional stores. If interested in how to own a Domino’s outlet, remember, opening traditional stores requires more capital.
  2. Non-Traditional Stores: These outlets aren’t just in shopping malls; they can also be in airports, stadiums, office buildings, and toll roads. It mostly offers takeout, but some of these non-traditional locations also provide a dine-in option. 
  3. Transitional Stores: The stores that are in between are called “transitional stores,” and they have fewer customers. The menus at these stores are slightly different because they are customized to fit the tastes and preferences of people living in that specific area.

How Much is Domino’s Franchise Cost in India?

When contemplating buying a Domino’s franchise, the question of Domino’s franchise cost in India naturally arises.

Domino’s franchise cost in India for a traditional store is up to $5 million (INR 50 lacs). However, the initial investment needed to launch a non-traditional retail location could be as high as INR 30 lakhs.

A Domino’s franchise cost in India ranges between 30-50 lakhs, therefore careful financial planning is required before making such a large investment. This could be because the rent for the location is extremely high. To succeed in opening a Domino’s franchise, one must have a well-thought-out plan.

How to get Domino’s Franchise in India: Vital Details

  • In India, Jubilant Foodworks Limited runs the Domino’s Pizza franchises, thus if you thinking of how to own a Domino’s Outlet, you’ll have to negotiate with them.
  • A five-year franchise agreement is required to open a transitional pizza shop, whereas a ten-year agreement is required to open a traditional or non-traditional pizza shop.
  • Although extensive training is required before thinking of how to get Domino’s franchise in India. However, the Domino’s Pizza Partners Foundation is there to support in case of uncertainty or difficulty.
  • The franchisees of Domino’s Pizza in India receive in-class training to ensure they have the knowledge and skills necessary to run their businesses successfully.

The demand for pizza is always growing, and India now boasts the second-highest number of pizza restaurants in the world. An increasing number of businesspeople are thinking about expanding into the pizza industry. As a result, stores have opened along highways and under-developed areas of town.

How to Start a Domino’s Pizza Franchise in India

  • Location: Domino’s pizza stores thrive or fail depending on their locations because of the proximity of nearby residents and businesses. Therefore, select your location very wisely.
  • Infrastructure: Invest in developing a well-designed and comfortable infrastructure. Your Domino’s Franchise store’s setup should be such that customers feel at ease dining there for any occasion, not just parties.
  • Training of staff: Don’t lose sight of the fact that well-trained personnel is the most crucial component of a successful retail operation. They should be courteous to consumers because even a small error in manners could result in a lost sale and damage to your franchise’s reputation.
  • Delivery option: Domino’s Franchise location must also offer delivery services. The need for delivery vans and drivers is proportional to the population density of a certain area.

Application Process for Obtaining a Dominos Franchise in India

If you are interested in How to own a Domino’s franchise in India, you have to follow this 6-step procedure:

  1. An investor in India seeking a Domino’s franchise must first apply and wait for a response before taking any action.
  2. Second, once their application has been accepted, they will be sent paperwork and instructed to wait for the phone interview.
  3. Third, if the phone interview is successful, the candidate moves on to the next round, where the company’s franchise development manager meets with them to go over the finer points of franchise growth.
  4. Fourth, after the meeting, the potential franchise is given the financial information and other instructions they’ll need to move forward.
  5. The next step is about the franchise owner’s training and orientation, during which they will learn all of the ins and outs of running a successful Domino’s business.
  6. The franchise agreement is signed as the sixth and last step. After the conditions have been met, the corporation will present the individual with the agreement that, upon signature, will make the individual the franchise owner.

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We trust this article has dealt with your queries concerning starting a Domino’s franchise in India, including the Domino’s franchise cost in India, the necessary qualifications, and the potential earnings.

Therefore, prospective Domino’s franchisees in India should give serious thought to the type of store they want to open, as well as the location they prefer.

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