Rajasthani Namkeen Distributorship {Ultimate Guide}

When mom hasn’t started dinner yet, kids, teens, and even adults and grandparents will often snack on these traditional snacks, which are a staple at any Indian high tea party and a prerequisite for authentic Rajasthani meals.

The Indian namkeen industry is worth a whopping INR 1 Lakh Crores, and Rajasthani namkeen is a major contributor for that. Getting your hands on this money-making product or having this namkeen franchise is a no-brainer. In this article, we’ll talk about Rajasthani namkeen distributorship, Rajasthani namkeen products price list, Rajasthani namkeen rate list, and benefits of having the namkeen franchise.

A word or two about Rajasthani Namkeen – What makes it so special?

With over a decade of expertise in snack making and a riot of flavours, Rajasthani namkeen has been steadily rising in popularity among Indian customers.

A culture of flavorful and delectable snacks has always been a part of Rajasthani life. Rajasthani Namkeen is a well-known snack food brand in India, available in more than 18 different metropolitan areas. The namkeens (snacks) sold at Rajasthani Namkeen are all-natural and delicious, and they come in a broad variety of flavours. The snacks prepared by the well-known Rajasthani Namkeen brand are known for their diverse flavours. Because of this, they are well-known throughout the major cities and towns of India.

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The Complete Guide to the Rajasthani Namkeen Distributorship:

The standout feature of the Rajasthani namkeen distributorship are:

  • With its ever-growing catalogue of Indian and ethnic snacks like papads, the company is able to cater to a wider range of customers and satisfy more niche tastes among Indians.
  • It’s likely that people will come to trust the products of Rajasthani as a substitution because their flavour is similar to that of dominant brands like Haldiram, Bikanervala, etc.

Rajasthani namkeen Business Model

To define its operations, every business model has four distinct forms, and the one for Rajasthani namkeen is as follows:

1. Value Proposition:

As we’ve seen, the value proposition of Rajasthani namkeen lies in the following aspects:

  • the ability to diversify into new markets with little effort;
  • the availability of direct substitutes;
  • meeting the high standards of flavour, quality, and variety held by the average Indian namkeen consumer; and
  • a decade of experience in the industry, backed by secret family recipes.

2. Reviewing the Competition:

The main competitors would be bikanervala, haldiram’s, etc. However, after looking at the Rajasthani namkeen rate list, one can reasonably understand that why even after having a tough competition, Rajasthani Namkeen is performing well.

3. Target Consumers:

People from all walks of life are potential buyers of Rajasthani namkeen. Everyone from infants to seniors, anywhere from mobile food trucks to five-star hotels, and everywhere in between

4. Marketing Strategy:

The marketing strategy for Rajasthani namkeens could be tailored to each individual product and the needs of the target market.

  • Advertisements, articles, and blogs highlighting Rajasthani’s selection of low-fat snacks targeted for health-conscious people.
  • Advertisements, billboards, etc., highlighting the accessibility and variety for the average Indian customer etc.

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The Pros of having Rajasthani Namkeen Distributorship

1. Input from Rajasthani Namkeen for Retailers

Becoming a distributor of a well-known company, such as becoming Rajasthani Namkeen distributor, promises a steady stream of profits and the backing of a strong brand.

2. Solid Customer Base

The organization has a solid customer foundation and is well-established in more than 13 Indian states. The ever-expanding selection of snacks caters to the varying preferences of a loyal customer base. Once you’ve purchased the namkeen franchise, the manufacturer will help promote your business. This will attract both long-term patrons and potential newcomers in sufficient numbers.

3. Marketing Support

When you become a Rajasthani Namkeen distributor, the company will provide you with marketing support in the form of brand development and any other skills you may need to promote the products as per Rajasthani namkeen products price list.

4. Product and Sales training Management

The management team ensures that Rajasthani Namkeen distributors receive thorough product and sales training. The entire sales team receives training from a seasoned professional in the field.

5. Wide Distribution Channel, Storage, and Logistics

The dealer receives a bonus from the corporation because the company handles storage and logistics.

More than 18 cities in India stock Rajasthani Namkeen, therefore the company has a huge distribution network. Distribution is consistent and widespread, helping each dealer succeed financially.

Requirements to become Rajasthani namkeen Distributor

  • Requires 100 square feet of space minimum and 500 square feet maximum, depending on the store’s layout and operations.
  • Need for a sales- and management-savvy team of three to four.
  • Qualifications in business acumen and client satisfaction are expected.

Qualifications to Become Rajasthani namkeen Distributor

Eligibility qualifications for obtaining a Rajasthani namkeen distributorship requires the following paperwork to be in order:

  • Rental Agreement; Aadhar Card; Permanent Account Number; Financial and Educational History; Aadhar Card; PAN Card; Bank Details

Instructions for Obtaining a Franchise to Sell Rajasthani Namkeens

The following are the procedures to complete in order to become obtain Rajasthani namkeen franchise:

  • To acquire a franchise to sell Rajasthani namkeen, visit the company’s official website, where you can also leave your contact information and a question about doing so.
  • Franchise information can be obtained by calling the number provided on the Rajasthani namkeen website.
  • You can acquire a franchise to sell Rajasthani namkeen by contacting the company via email and providing the necessary paperwork.
  • The website also provides Rajasthani namkeen products price list, looking at which the person seeking to invest can understand how far reaching this business could be.

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Distributor of Rajasthani Namkeens Profit and Margin

The sum of your monthly sales is directly proportional to your profits. Any dealership can expect to make fair earnings with low initial investments. You could hope for increased profits from the firm. But, weekly orders of between 15000 and 25000 are required. The company has an extensive catalogue. The catalogue includes all the products with Rajasthani namkeen rate list.

Hence, the company’s overall profit margin is somewhere in the range of 7% to 8%. The retailer might expect a fluctuation of between 20% and 40%. Several commission-based bonuses and other incentives exist for employees who put in extra effort for the company. So, you may qualify for this programme and increase your earnings potential. However, after about 5-6 months, you can begin this process.


The initial outlay for purchasing a Rajasthani Namkeen distributorship is small, and the average profit per store is respectable. It’s a well-known company with a solid clientele. The article has provided you with all the information you needed to get a dealership for Rajasthani Namkeen, including details on the type of support you can expect to receive, the amount of money you can expect to need to invest, Rajasthani namkeen products price list, rand the steps you need to do to get the dealership.

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