Arun Ice Cream Franchise In 2023 {Cost & Opportunities}

With the arrival of summer, ice cream shops across the country are bustling with customers. At the national level, Amul, Kwality, and Vadilal are the three indigenous brands fighting for market share. There is, of course, no debate about who is the ice cream king in the South. Arun Ice Creams, the flagship brand of Hatsun Agro Product Limited, continues to enjoy widespread consumer support despite competition from giants like Mother Dairy and Amul. This naturally raises quweries regarding Arun ice cream franchise.

Franchise opportunities exist with several well-known companies already established in the Indian market. However, in this post, you will learn all you need to know to open Arun ice cream dealership as well as Arun ice cream franchise cost. We’ll talk about the financial investment, potential gain, and necessary resources for opening an ice cream franchise.

Arun Ice Cream Franchise: An Introduction

Before delving into things like Arun ice cream franchise cost, having an idea about Arun ice cream franchise is must.

When it comes to Hatsun products, Arun Icecreams is a household name. When competing ice cream companies only set up shop in metropolitan areas, Arun took the brand to the suburbs and even the countryside, winning the hearts of millions of new customers.

Arun offers an assortment of ice cream bars made especially for children, as well as unique ice cream flavours like Indian sweets, to please a wide variety of customers. Arun Icecreams also often releases seasonal flavour variations so that regular customers always have something new to try.

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Who is the Owner of Arun Ice cream and How He Started the Business?

In 1970, RG Chandramohan, the son of a vegetable merchant from Virudhunagar, started a tiny enterprise that would become the company’s most well-known brand: Arun (Sun in Tamil) Ice Creams. The young man, aged 21, made his business decision in light of the funds at his disposal. He reportedly started RG Chandramohan and Co., an ice cream company, using the Rs 13,000 he made from selling family property. It began as a rented 250 square foot space, with only three people making and selling ice candies from pushcarts.

In those days, the southern market was controlled by brands like Dasaprakash, Kwality, Rita, and Joy, thus investing in them was a dangerous proposition. Why did one product remain popular while others faded away?

Staying Abreast on Modern Developments: An important Way to Gain Profit

It’s no secret that Chandramohan, the man behind the success of Arun ice cream franchise, wants his ice cream company to remain at the forefront of the industry, so he’s spent a lot of money on cutting-edge equipment. Arun not only has the tools necessary to make the cones and chocolate, but also a fully functional packaging and production line, as well as a cold storage area large enough to carry enough ice cream for 10 days. Professional technicians and managers in the ice cream industry were recruited to ensure constant quality and constant innovation.

Flavors inspired by classic Indian delicacies and seasonal additions have helped propel Arun Ice Creams to fame. Many loyal customers continue to order the “Cassatta slice” ice cream flavour. The company’s offerings include bars, cups, “ibars,” “ibar minis,” icons, specialties, tubs, a kids’s bar (Yummy Bear, Spiral, Trio, Jolly Train), and more. Arun’s ‘creamier’ USP in ice creams, with a 12 percent fat content, has been maintained thanks to the company’s monopoly on milk procurement (minimum fat content in ice creams is 10 per cent).

The expansion into Maharashtra and Orissa brings Arun’s total number of stores to over 2,300 spanning Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, and Andhra Pradesh. Due to this success, nowadays, many individuals are interested in Arun Ice Cream dealership.

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Advantages of Owning an Arun Ice Cream Franchise

Arun is in the business of producing fresh dairy products that cater to the requirements of the clients in order to fulfil their requirements. This resulted in consistent and trustworthy Arun Ice cream franchise. The retail expansion of the firm has the potential to be an important step in satisfying the growing demand of business as well as attracting new clients from India’s smaller cities.

What is Arun Ice Cream franchise Cost?

Arun Ice cream franchise cost along with initial investment and royalty is given below:

  • Investment: Start from 50,000 to 2 Lac
  • Area Requirements: 2000SQF to 5000 SQf
  • ROI: 1 Year to 3 Year
  • Royalty Fee: 5%

Arun Ice cream Franchise Requirements

Starting a Arun ice cream dealership needs several different tasks to be completed before it can be considered operational.

In the application form, you have to provide: 

  • Enter your full name
  • Enter the location in which you want to open a franchise
  • Describe Your Assets 
  • Work experience
  • Contact details i.e., phone number and email address
  • Provide your net worth

The Arun Ice cream Franchise team will get in touch with you as soon as possible using the contact information that you provided after they have received this form. You may start your own Arun Ice cream franchise in India with very little upfront investment and very little work on your part.

On the other hand, this might be a fantastic opportunity for you if you already own a sizeable amount of wealth that you are willing to invest in a food franchise business. 

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The Location of the Arun Ice Cream Franchise

When it comes to franchises, location is almost always one of the most crucial factors to consider. When it comes to the food and beverage industry, location is always important.

The highest number of customers equals the highest possible profit. If you want to make the most money possible from Arun Ice cream dealership, the best location for it would be somewhere where a large number of people congregate, such as a market, a bus stop, a train station, a school, or a college.

Arun Ice cream Franchise Area

The required minimum area for the franchise ranges from 2,000 to 5,000 square feet. You may be qualified for the franchise if the place you’re interested in has such space available.

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Instructions on How to Apply for a Franchise with Arun Ice Cream

If you are interested in applying for an Arun ice cream dealership, all you need to do is visit the official website of Arun Icecream, go to the portion of the website devoted to contact information and fill the form.

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