KFC Franchise Cost In India In 2023 {Cost & Requirements}

Looking for the most successful franchise opportunity in the world? Starting a KFC franchise in India might be a lucrative venture. Do you have experience in the food and drink business and want to boost your income? If yes, a KFC franchise has the potential to completely transform your professional life. This naturally raises queries concerning KFC franchise cost in India.

More than seventy-five years ago, Colonel Harland Sanders came up with the original recipe for KFC. KFC’s signature flavour comes from a blend of herbs and spices that are kept under lock and key behind his kitchen door.

In this blog, we will explain the KFC franchise price in India and how to get KFC franchise in India in detail.

The History of KFC and its Establishment

One interested in knowing KFC franchise cost in India should possess some information regarding its history.

Colonel Harland Sanders has established KFC. He went into business for himself by opening a fried chicken stand on the side of the road in Corbin, Kentucky. Following his discharge from the military, he fell into a profound despair. He launched the company as a means of self-support. KFC’s first franchise was launched by Colonel Sanders in Utah in 1952, although he had long before seen the potential of the restaurant franchising model.

The chicken cooked by KFC became a fast-food phenomenon. It adds variety to the market by competing with the hamburger’s longstanding supremacy.

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Details on Running a KFC Franchise:

Before Delving into “how to get KFC franchise in India” and “franchise price of KFC in India”, one must have some primary idea about KFC franchises.

  • The Master Franchisee of a KFC in India will consider such things as the location of the franchise, the amount of money invested, the size of the available space, the potential size of the local market, and so on when deciding where to set up the franchise.
  • The MF first begins the process of approving the franchise agreement after deciding on the conditions of affiliation, revenue sharing, and financial models.
  • Based on the associate’s investment capability and the anticipated return for both parties, the associate is granted either a franchise model or an equity model.
  • Burman Hospitality, RJ Corp of Devyani International, and Sapphire Foods are the Yum! Brands’ Master Franchisees in India. Nearly all shops in India are franchises.
  • To open a KFC franchise, you need to get several licenses and permissions. After that, you have to think about the KFC franchise cost in India.

How to Get KFC Franchise in India

Here are the measures you need to do to apply for a KFC Franchise in India:

  1. In the application form, you have to provide: 
  2. Enter your full name
  3. Enter the location in which you want to open a franchise
  4. Describe Your Assets 
  5. Past Work History
  6. Provide proper contact details 
  7. Provide your net worth 
  8. Upon receiving this form, the KFC Franchise team will contact you as soon as possible through the provided contact information. In India, you may open a KFC franchise with little effort and little initial capital.

However, if you have a substantial amount of capital to put into a food franchise company, this may be an excellent chance for you. There are now around 340 KFC locations operational in the top 100 cities in India.

  • In addition, KFC is keen on expanding its operations across the Indian subcontinent, making a KFC franchise one of the most lucrative franchise opportunities available.

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KFC Franchise Price in India

KFC franchise cost is USD 45,000, and the expected beginning expenditures are between $1.2 and USD 2.5 million. Furthermore, along with KFC franchise cost, KFC receives a gross royalty of 5% every month on total sales. Profits per location per year have been estimated to be between $5,800 and USD 7,500.

The franchise price of KFC in India is between Rs 1 and 2 Cr, a retail location of between 1,000 and 1,500 square feet, and royalty payment to KFC of between 4% and 5% of total sales. After signing the marketing contract, you will need an initial expenditure of Rs 20 lakh and a storefront of roughly 1000 square feet in a promising commercial district.

After you pay the KFC franchise price in India, you are entitled to certain benefits such as:

  • Kentucky Fried Chicken, the KFC trademark, brand name, service marks, logo, commercial symbols, etc. may be used by the franchisee in the authorized area of operation and within the scope of the franchisee’s authorized business activities.
  • By KFC’s and Yum! Brands’ directives, the KFC franchise may manage the takeout and restaurant operations. In 2021, Yum! will have earned over $90 billion in revenue, placing them at #478 on the Fortune 500 list.
  • After paying KFC Franchise cost, Franchisees are required to follow the franchisor’s procurement, design, and construction standards and specifications, as well as KFC’s unique business formats, layouts, processes, cooking operations, and design standards and specifications, as outlined in the franchise agreement.
  • Additionally, the agreement is subject to revision every two to three years, if the business is doing well.

What is the Annual Net Profit for a KFC Franchise?

After knowing about KFC franchise cost in India, the profit margin is an important aspect.

Across the world, you can find a KFC franchise. As of 2016, over 24,000 KFC restaurants may be found in 146 different nations. KFC restaurants and outlets are consistently ranked among the busiest in the retail food and beverage sector. In the year 2021, KFC’s earnings were around $2.79 billion. The sum is up from the 2.27 billion US dollars it was last year.

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Eligibility Requirements & Franchise Requirements for KFC

To qualify for a KFC franchise, you must fulfil the following qualifications and prerequisites:

  • Any potential franchisees should make sure that there is a population of at least one million people in the area where the franchise will be established. The franchisee is obligated to put time and money into appropriate training and seminars.
  • KFC has a training staff that provides the instruction.
  • A prospective KFC franchisee should have management experience.
  • It is essential to put the needs of the customer first in every aspect of the business, including accessibility, availability, and punctuality of service.

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What You Need to Start a KFC Franchise

You’ll need the following papers to open a KFC franchise:

  • Documentation demonstrating your identity and ownership of the property, including a photograph and deed.
  • Credentials from the Tax Department/Authority
  • After all this, just pay the KFC franchise price in India, and it’s done

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