Top 10 Momos Brands In India In 2023 {Ultimate Guide}

Are you interested in opening a franchise of a momos brands in India? This blog will provide you with a list of the best momo brands in India that need just a little initial investment.

Traditionally momo is a cuisine from Tibet. However, due to the expansion of the momo franchise, you may find it on a lot of fast-food menus in Nepal, Darjeeling, Sikkim, the Northeast, and North India. It’s available in both vegetarian and meat versions. Vegetables, paneer, mushrooms, chicken, mutton, pork, etc., are only some of the most often used stuffing ingredients.

Momo Franchise: An Introduction

In terms of business, the momos brands in India are already popular at roadside stands and might appear on restaurant menus. More and more people are dining out often, and this trend has contributed to momo’s popularity because of its delicious flavour and health benefits.

As a result, the momo franchise is a good option to make money off of in the present business situation.

Here is a list of momos brands in India that are currently on the market:

1. Wow Momos

When thinking of the momo framomo brand in India, the wow momos franchise comes in the first place.

Wow, momo franchise needs no introduction in major metropolitan areas. Even more intriguing is the history of Wow Momos. In August 2008, Vinod Homagai and Sagar Daryani launched their company. The first store was a little kiosk in the middle of Spencer’s.

In addition to Angel investors like Tiger Global, the company’s current valuation is at a whopping 1225 crores. There are almost 350 wow momo franchise in India. They have partnered with The Café Coffee Day franchises to provide an affordable investment franchise.

Wow Momo franchise prices may vary from 5 million to 10 million in India, depending on the Momo franchise model you pick. The wow momo franchise must be financially feasible, and it must have 100-300 square feet of area for a counter, kitchen, shop, etc. The personable business owner will have completed at least 10 years of school and will have prior experience working in the food service industry.

2. Momos on Wheels

It is one of the famous momo brands in India. Without putting up a kitchen, the firm can deliver its wares anywhere. In all, this presents businesspeople with four distinct franchise opportunities. The terms “distribution,” “medium franchise,” “small franchise,” and “micro franchise” all refer to these different sizes of franchises.

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3. The Momo Station

Established in 2012, Momo Station is a famous momo brand in New Delhi. All around Delhi, it makes quite a splash. As of now, franchises may be obtained from this firm wherever in India.

The firm claims it would provide momo with reasonably priced, high-quality meals. To accommodate a wide range of potential investors’ budgets, the firm offers three distinct franchise opportunities. The Kiosk, The Takeout, and the Eat-in variants all fall within this category.

4. Nainital Momos

It took Ranjith Singh Rawat and his team five years after starting in 2008 with a roadside cart selling Momos to amass their current daily client base of over 10 Lakh. Nainital Momos’ chocolate and Sunday Momos are fan favourites since they are made using real Nepali ingredients. From its base in Lucknow, Nainital Momos Pvt Limited employs about 20 people.

Your first investment may fall anywhere from 10 to 25 L, depending on several variables. To get this momo franchise, the personable business owner will have completed at least 10 years of school and will have prior experience working in the food service industry.

5. Momo Nation Cafe

Originally launched in 2016 by Pradeep Patil, Mom Nation expanded its franchise operations in 2017 to include the states of Delhi, Uttar Pradesh (UP), Maharashtra (MH), Haryana (Haryana), etc. They now operate in over 40 locations throughout 12 states in India.

This momo framomo brand in India requires between 100-400 Sq. Ft. of area for counter, kitchen, and shop, among other necessities. Tandoori, crispy, chili gravy, and steamed, and fried Momos are just a few of the more than 50 options available at Momo Nation Cafe.

It’s one of the momos brands in India that’s rising quickly and offers some of the best possibilities for new business owners.

6. Dumpling Momo franchise 

The innovative Dumpling Momo was created by two friends Mohit Kumar Bhati and Manish Kedia. There are more than 48 unique momos and quench flavours available from this company.

The firm also provides unique momo options, such as the Veg Harabhara momo and the Dimshom momo. The firm is now providing franchise opportunities around the country.

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7. Momo King

Momo King is, essentially, a Malaysian business. The United States, Europe, the Philippines, Australia, Bangladesh, and Malaysia are just some of the six key areas where the brand is already well established.

In other words, it’s a famous name all over the world. The Gurgaon location is the company’s first retail outlet in the country. The company’s ambition for growth in India involves opening 120 new stores during the next two years.

Therefore, if thinking of evolving momos brands in India, then this is a good option.

8. Kingdom Momos Franchise 

If you’re looking for authentic Chinese food in India, go no further than the MOMO kingdom. The Virgo Hospitality group initiated it. To the pleasure of your customers’ taste buds, the Kingdom’s MOMOs menu features items prepared in novel ways and bursting with flavour.

9. Dimsum Momo Express

The Dimsum (Momo) Express chain of fast-food restaurants. They provide a wide selection of excellent dim sum that is reasonably priced. Crystal, wonton, steamed, pan-fried, baked, and oven-roasted tandoori tastes are just a few examples of the many wrappers, contents, and preparation methods that go into making dim sum.

This momo fromomo brand in India is now providing franchise possibilities to business people throughout India.

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10. Fusion Momos

With 5–6 years of expertise in the quick service restaurant industry, the Roti Aur Boti and Fusion Food Works group in Mumbai is now providing franchise operations for its popular Fusion Momos across all of India. They now operate three stores in the Mumbai area. Jahaan Khurana, who also served as the chain’s founder, is now its Managing Director.

Final Thoughts

We hope this blog gave you insight into momos brands in India. In case of any issues, let us know.

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