Meesho Delivery Franchise in 2023 {Cost & Opportunities}

Ever Wondered about getting a Meesho delivery franchise, then you have come to the rice place. In this blog, we will discuss the Meesho delivery partner franchise, the Meesho franchise apply online, etc., in detail.

Meesho Franchise: An Introduction

Meri E-Store, which means “my online shop,” was the inspiration for the Meesho brand name, which was designed to be a one-stop shop for all citizens of the nation.

The system paves the way for people and companies of all sizes to open shop on popular messaging and social media sites like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, and others. Meesho has a current market capitalization of over $4.9 billion and is backed by a who’s who of the investment world. A whopping 65 million+ users are subscribed to this social e-commerce platform, and its app has been downloaded 100 million+ times.

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Meesho’s Business Strategy

Meesho’s revenue model is standard for the e-commerce industry. Meesho makes money via a variety of means, including:

1. Commission

Meesho makes money through the commissions its merchants pay to use the platform. If a product is sold via a reseller on the Meesho platform, the product seller will be charged a commission of 10% to 20%. The commission structure is the same as that employed by other online retailers such as Amazon, Flipkart, etc.

2. Rank Push

Every day, new vendors join the Meesho Marketplace. Meesho makes money when vendors buy promoted listings to move their wares to the top of the page. It could help supplement your current income.

3. Sale of Data

Data provides Meesho with a new source of income since, as we all know, information has replaced oil as the most valuable commodity in the modern economy. Meesho has not broken any privacy regulations, and they only sell data that is in accordance with all privacy laws.

4. Logistics

Meesho is reasonable about the high shipping costs and tries to bargain them down as much as possible. Meesho logistics may boost profits by providing low delivery costs.

How Meesho is Making Money in the Indian Market?

If you are interested in becoming a Meesho delivery partner, you should know about the money-making process of Meesho. Meesho’s revenue model is consistent with that of similar social E-commerce businesses.

Meesho’s primary revenue streams are advertisements and rank boosts. Comparable to Amazon and Flipkart, Meesho allows its vendors to promote their wares to a wider audience. The greatest part is that businesses only have to pay when a customer uses their ad.

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Meesho Might Also Generate Income From the Following Two Sources:

1. Data Sales

Meesho collects a lot of user information and can decide to sell it to its advertisers or other partners. These joint ventures may utilize this data to better comprehend what drives and pleases their customers. Meesho guarantees customers their privacy will be protected. Meesho delivery partner franchise is also expected to safeguard customer’s privacy.

2. Logistics

Meesho logistics has a network of partners to ensure the timely delivery of all orders. After a product has been delivered, Meesho can keep a small percentage of the delivery fees and pass the rest along to its delivery partners.

Meesho’s revenue quadrupled between FY19 (Rs 84 Cr) and FY20 (Rs 341.6 Cr). Roughly 90% of the firm’s revenue in FY2020 came from internal operations, while the remaining 10% came from external channels.

Its expenditure was up by a factor of 3.5, to Rs 657 Cr, and it lost an enormous Rs 315.4 Cr as a consequence. When it expanded to 700 locations throughout India, logistics ate up almost 38% of the company’s income.

Is it Profitable to Sell on Meesho?

  • With the wonderful ResellingApp Meesho, which can be found in the Google Play Store and the iOS App Store, students, stay-at-home moms, and anyone else looking for extra cash can easily earn between Rs. 20,000 and 25,000 per month by reselling the products listed on Meesho to their networks.
  • When customers previously placed orders with sellers, the reseller was responsible for all follow-up activities (including product packing, shipping, payment processing, etc.).
  • Meesho logistics is a great way to enhance profits.
  • Meesho simplified the product distribution procedure for the reseller.
  • Meesho has over 50 lakh different product models available at the lowest pricing across 650+ product categories.
  • The app’s curated digital portfolio makes it simple for the reseller to present products to her target market. Therefore, the best store will always have products available for purchase.
  • The reseller needs just to provide the client’s address and a margin when a consumer shows interest in a product; the goods will be sent directly from the seller’s location through Meesho logistic partners.

How to Get a Meesho Delivery Franchise

Nowadays, many individuals are interested in knowing about the Meesho delivery partner franchise.

Though the Meesho delivery franchise is not provided by the brand, Meesho has a well-thought-out delivery approach. Meesho has started a grocery delivery service in a handful of towns in the Indian state of Karnataka under the brand name Farmiso, after its tremendous success in other product categories including clothing, kitchenware, cosmetics, and technology. For the same, they have hired a Meesho delivery partner.

Now, the standard minimum order for grocery and food delivery services to provide free shipping is between Rs 600 and Rs 800. Because of Meesho’s goals, even the biggest companies are doing away with free delivery minimums.

To be the Meesho delivery partner, you have an option to Meesho franchise apply online.

Meesho Revenue Per Year

After having an idea about the Meesho delivery partner franchise, possessing info about Meesho’s revenue is a good choice. Meesho’s revolutionary idea is based on the use of “community leaders” in these areas to gather grocery orders from individual consumers of varying ticket amounts via the platform and to manage last-mile delivery.

Meesho, a frontrunner in the field of social commerce, increased its sales revenue by 158% in the fiscal year ending March 31st, 2021. In FY21, the Meta-backed company’s sales revenue increased by 2.5 times to INR 792.8 Cr from INR 306.9 Cr in FY20.

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We hope this blog helped you in understanding in Meesho delivery franchise and the Meesho franchise apply online.

While Meesho’s early focus was on social commerce, the company has now shifted its business model to compete directly with consumers, alongside industry giants like Flipkart and Amazon. Currently, 75% of income is generated directly from customers, while the remaining 25% is generated via resellers.

To get the same products, but at a lower price, customers would be better off buying from the manufacturers or distributors themselves, rather than via a middleman.

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