Chai Kings Franchise In 2023 {Cost & Opportunities}

In spite of the day’s final events, every common man starts his morning with a hot cup of tea. One of India’s most enduring cultural traditions is the ritual drinking of tea, which has been enjoyed for millennia. As evidence, consider the fact that, despite increasing competition, there are still tens of thousands of tea brands and tea booths throughout the nation. So, ever wondered about Chai Kings franchise cost in India?

Many Indians’ daily routines would be unimaginable without the prevalent ritual of tea drinking. Even though there are many other types of tea available, one that has been gaining popularity and the favour of Chai connoisseurs is the Chai Kings brand.

In this blog, we will explain about tea kings franchise price, how to get tea kings franchise, Chai King Owner and about chai kings investment.

Chai King Franchise: An Introduction 

You may tell a tale with every sip, that’s what Jahabar Sadique and Balaji Sadagopan say as Chai Kings owner. Tea Kings franchise utilises this as the clincher when introducing the company and its clientele. In October of 2016, the first tea kings franchise was established in Chennai, and since then the company has expanded rapidly, launching new stores regularly. This naturally raises the questions about Chai Kings franchise cost.  

The brand’s trustworthiness has helped it gain popularity, which has contributed to its expansion. Since they grow their own tea leaves and centre their business around Evergreen Tea, consumers have shown a great deal of support for Chai Kings, giving it a significant advantage over other companies in the beverage sector.

Unlike most other companies’ chai kings owner encourages pollution-free environmental practises by providing both in-store pickup and delivery using electric cars. Customer satisfaction is high since the company sources only the finest tea leaves from renowned growing regions like Darjeeling, Nilgiris, Assam, and beyond. There is an exceptional strategy in place for the company to grow to over 500 locations in the next five years.

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Why to do Chai Kings Investment in 2023?

There is a lot of competition in the beverage industry because of the abundance of brands on the market. Choosing the correct brand and learning about its benefits before purchasing a Franchise of that brand becomes vital. 

In this article, we will discuss some of the many benefits you will get when you purchase a Chai Kings’ Franchise. Some prominent benefits are:

  • Its high-quality tea is the main perk of owning a Chai Kings franchise. Any reputable company would be foolish to compromise on quality. The purity of the Chai served by Chai Kings is one of the company’s main selling points. As a result of using just natural ingredients and avoiding the use of any artificial flavours, their chai is a consumer favourite.
  • It’s encouraging to see the company’s leadership committed to the long-term success of the brand. The company’s founders have amassed over $1 million in support and facilitation money, allowing them to establish 500+ locations over the next five years.

The brand’s tremendous expansion over the last several years is evidence that the vision is being put into practise. The person will gain a great deal as a franchise unitholder.

  • The fact that consumers may order food for takeout or have it delivered anywhere within a certain radius of a restaurant is just another selling point for the Chai Kings Franchise. They’re different from other companies since they let customers take tea to go in 500 ml cardboard flasks. Moreover, they will transport the tea within a certain radius. The company also uses electric scooters for deliveries, furthering its commitment to a pollution-free world. Actions like this have boosted the brand’s recognition among consumers.
  • Tea kings franchise offerings are varied and reasonably priced. Even more so than their other teas, Chai Kings’ Evergreen Tea is available in 15 unique flavours. In addition to traditional Chai, they also provide herbal, iced, and specialty Chais flavoured with ingredients including ginger, Sulaimani, lemon, tulsi, hibiscus, and apple.

Having such a broad selection of options is beneficial for a unitholder since it increases the likelihood that they will appeal to a large variety of consumers.

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Chai Kings Franchise Cost

For anybody thinking about buying a franchise, Chai kings franchise cost most important aspect. Franchise opportunities with Chai Kings are currently limited to a single structure. Tea Kings franchise price somewhat revolves around an initial investment of 8–20 lakhs INR.

This range would change or fluctuate depending on the individual’s region of choice; nonetheless, the investment would cover all essential fees and brand charge.

Chai Kings Franchise Requirements in India

After thinking of Tea kings franchise price, you must meet a few requirements before thinking of Chai Kings investment. Listed below are the various criteria:

  • Depending on the specifics of the site sought, the bare minimum square footage necessary to qualify for a Chai Kings Franchise might range from 400 to 2000 square feet. Additionally, the unitholder is obligated to place the business in a highly trafficked area, such as a subway stop or a university.
  • To be an official representative of the brand, you must complete the necessary training. When a company first opens, it’s crucial that all employees have the necessary education, experience, and artistic sensibility to uphold the company’s image.
  • Additionally, the aspirant must have some relevant work experience, preferably in the culinary business, in order to become a Chai Kings unitholder.

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Procedures for Acquiring a Chai Kings Franchise in India

A person interested in becoming a Chai Kings franchisee may get in contact with the company’s reps in a number of different ways. Before making an inquiry or applying for a Franchise, it is highly advised that you first visit the brand’s official website and go over all the facts. You may learn all there is to know about the company by selecting the “Contact Us” link. Here is the link to the official site:


We Hope this blog gave you a fair idea about tea kings franchise price and other related aspects. Let us know in case of any confusion.

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