T-Shirt Printing Machine Price in India {Dtg Printer}

A garment printer machine is a specialized printing tool made for imprinting high-quality pictures and patterns directly onto textiles like t-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, and other garments. A substitute for conventional screen printing, which requires making stencils for each colour needed in a pattern, is garment printing. In this article, we’ll talk about DTG printer price in India, t-shirt printing machine price in India, and benefits of garment printer machine.

Benefits of Garment Printer Machine

Ink is applied directly onto the fabric surface by garment printer machines using either inkjet or direct-to-garment (DTG) printing technology. The ink is normally water-based, making it safe to use on many types of fabric, and it is cured using heat. As a result, the print is vivid, durable, and resistant to peeling and fading.

The ability to print intricate designs with a high level of detail and colour accuracy is one of the benefits of garment printer machines. Also, they provide on-demand printing, which makes them perfect for short runs or unique designs. In contrast, conventional screen printing needs a minimum order quantity and takes longer to complete.

The simplicity of use is another benefit of garment printer machines. They are made to be user-friendly, with simple controls and intuitive software, making them usable by both experts and novices. T-shirt printing machines and dtg printers are two examples of the several varieties of garment printer machines on the market, each with its own set of features and costs.

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Offers & Services

You can choose your printing method based on three main considerations:

1. The material you’ll be printing on: Not every garment printing machine is able to print on every type of cloth. For instance, you wouldn’t want to print anything using the dye sublimation method on a heavy cotton shirt. Make sure you are aware of the printing technique and the selected cloth type in advance.

2. Required number of t-shirts and production speed: If you must print a large number of t-shirts quickly, you may wish to choose a quicker printing technique like screen printing. For various types of production, there are several possibilities. There are techniques that work well for both single- and mass-produced goods.

3. The printing budget: From one way to another, the direct-to-garment printer price in India varies. There are numerous possibilities for t-shirt printing for people with small and large budgets.

Direct to garment (DTG) printing is one of the newest, simplest, and most approachable t-shirt printing techniques.

Direct-to-Garment Printers

Direct-to-Garment (DTG) printers are a particular kind of printer made for imprinting fine graphics directly into fabric. Here are a few advantages of using DTG printers:

1. High-quality prints: DTG printers provide detailed prints that are vivid, high-quality, and capable of precisely capturing complicated designs and photographic pictures.

2. Flexibility: You have the freedom to create a variety of designs on various materials thanks to the versatility of DTG printers, which can print on a wide range of textiles, including cotton, polyester, and mixes.

3. Customization: DTG printing enables individual garment modification, which is particularly beneficial for one-off designs or small batch runs.

4. Environmentally friendly: DTG printing employs water-based ink, which is more environmentally friendly than typical screen printing.

5. Quicker turnaround times: Since there is no need to make screens for each design, DTG printing is quicker than conventional screen printing. It is therefore a fantastic choice for urgent orders.

6. Economical: As DTG printing has no startup costs or minimum order requirements, it is economical for small- to medium-sized runs.

7. Consistency: Each garment will have the same excellent print thanks to DTG printing, which allows you to produce consistent results across numerous garments.

DTG printing is a great option for custom garment printing overall and is especially beneficial for small to medium-sized runs.

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Why DTG Rather than Screen Printing?

Shirts may be printed on screen printing presses quickly — up to 1000 pieces per hour!

What is achievable, nevertheless, is limited by the setup time of a screen printer. Screen printers are able to quickly print one pattern in large quantities. Yet, compared to DTG printing, screen printing can be excessively expensive if they only need to print a small quantity or many patterns.

Why? Because creating, separating, coating, exposing, and registering screens requires a lot of labour, which renders screen-printing ineffective for orders requiring a small number of colours and a lot of variations.

If you want 25 t-shirts, for example. Typically, printing a 4-color design requires 5 separate screens. Making those 5 screens and setting them up on the screen-printing press takes far longer than actually printing the 25 shirts does.

DTG printing is a wonderful fit for small (10 pieces or less) orders with lots of colours.

The main distinction is that setup and screens make screen printing prohibitively expensive for small-batch custom orders.

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Direct-to-Garment Printer Price in India / T-shirt Printing Machine Price in India

T-shirts and other garments can be printed with high-quality designs using direct-to-garment (DTG) printers, which are a common alternative. DTG printer price in India varies depending on the machine’s brand, model, and features. Because of the complexity of the designs it handles, a Direct-to-Garment Printer Price in India is more. The printers are quite effective since they offer an infinite number of colour selections and can reproduce prints with intricate designs. Due to the fact that it requires little setup, the Direct-to-Garment printer price in India is greater than that of other printers. However, because they take so long to manufacture, these printers are suitable for small orders.

The average DTG printer price in India is between INR 5 lakh and INR 30 lakh or more. Epson, Brother, and Kornit are a few of the well-known manufacturers of DTG printers that are offered in India.

Another well-liked method for printing images on t-shirts and other clothing is with t-shirt printing machines. T-shirt printing machine price in India varies according on the machine’s kind and capabilities.

A t-shirt printing machine price in India can range from INR 15,000 to about INR 2 lakh or more. Epson, Brother, and Konica Minolta are a few of the well-known manufacturers of t-shirt printing equipment that are accessible in India.

It’s crucial to remember that pricing is only one aspect to take into account when choosing which equipment to buy, whether it’s a DTG printer price in India or a t-shirt printing machine price in India. Additional things to think about include print quality, machine speed, usability, and the amount of customer care and support offered by the producer or distributor.

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