Leasing a Tanning Bed Business Plan {7 Easy Steps to Follow}

Do you want to open a tanning shop or leasing a tanning bed? As more and more individuals want to improve their skin tone by tanning in a bed, tanning bed leasing has emerged as a lucrative industry.

It’s possible to make a good profit by tanning bed leasing. Indoor tanning salons have thrived despite health concerns about sun exposure. If you are wondering how to start a tanning salon business, then, it is a profitable and amazing business. Some people dream of opening their own tanning salon where they can implement all of their unique ideas.

While each tanning salon is as unique as its owner, there are certain preliminary steps that must always be taken before thinking about how to start a tanning salon business.

Making Money Through Tanning Bed Leasing

Modern “tanning bed” technology makes it possible to get a tan without exposing the skin to the sun’s rays. Simply said, you may get a darker skin tone without exposing yourself to the sun or waiting for cloudy weather. Leasing a tanning bed makes it easy to acquire high-quality tanning equipment while also giving you the opportunity to turn that investment into a profitable company.

A commercial tanning bed for lease is available in different sizes. In general, the smaller variants of this apparatus are intended for home use, while the larger ones are often seen in tanning clinics. Depending on its specifications and intended purpose, tanning bed leasing costs anywhere from a few hundred dollars for personal use to more than $10,000.00 for commercial use. A lot of people want to get tans, and leasing a tanning bed company might be a good way to support yourself and your loved ones.

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How to Start a Tanning Salon Business?

If you have a tanning bed and enough room to set up a home tanning salon, you may launch your tanning bed leasing company immediately. Full-time tanning salons, however, may expect a healthy income, and it is not uncommon to see such businesses located in strip malls.

However, if you’re just getting started in the industry, then these suggestions are for setting commercial tanning bed for lease.

1. Develop a strategy for success.

Consider opening a franchise or starting from scratch. Complement your company strategy with

  • Tanning salon’s address and the facility must be included in the description.
  • Budgets for both starting up and running the business should be part of the financial analysis that is to be conducted.
  • start-up costs and available funding breakdown.
  • Inventory of tools
  • Job descriptions and staffing needs.
  • Expansion plans that comply with local and state laws, such as those pertaining to disabled access.

2. Start-up Capital

Starting a tanning clinic may be expensive, with initial costs reaching up to $100,000. Leasing a tanning bed is a great way to save costs and have access to additional features without making a major financial commitment. Leasing the equipment from a company may save you a lot of money compared to buying it yourself or securing financing or Small Business Administration loans.

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3. Selecting the Finest equipment

A commercial tanning bed for lease might reach $10,000. Costs may be drastically reduced by purchasing a used tanning bed; however, these devices often need servicing. Utilized beds may need new bulbs before they can be used in a business setting. Think about whether you want to include tanning booths or beds. Come up with a list of amenities and associated costs for each apartment.

You may get discounts on tanning salon start-up packages from several wholesalers and they will often include a list of equipment you will need to get started. Invest in necessary salon signs, such as safety posters and regulatory notices.

4. Look for a Good location

If you are thinking about how to start a tanning salon business, search for a good location. Tanning salons tend to do well when situated in convenient areas where consumers feel at ease and there is sufficient room to house the necessary tanning equipment.

5. Recruitment of Staffs

A well-trained tanning bed operator is an essential component of operating a successful tanning salon, so be sure to recruit one.

6. Advertise your tanning bed

Prepare a good marketing plan for the tanning bed leasing business. As quickly as feasible, create a website and announce the grand opening. Hang an “opening soon” banner below or next to your sign as soon as you find a suitable spot. Send a press release to the business news editor of a local newspaper and launch print ads 15-30 days before you plan to begin.

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7. Welcome your customers

Before you welcome customers, check that everything in your tanning salon is in working order and that it has been well cleaned. You could choose to have a preview party for close friends and family a week before opening to the general public. Practice makes perfect so that everything runs well when you open for real.


We hope this article helped you to understand about leasing a tanning bed. In case of any queries, feel free to contact us.

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