Digital Franchise Hub in 2023 {Services, Value & Functionality}

Do you want to launch a digital venture but lack the know-how and resources to do so? You could learn all you need to know about digital Franchise hubs by reading this article. As the name “Digital franchise hub” implies, it’s a nexus for all sorts of franchises under 1 roof. You may help them with anything from bus reservations to applying for government IDs and passports, or even just with their work travel arrangements.

Up till March of 2021, Digital Franchise Hub will have a robust network of over 3,000 agents throughout India. Businessmen, shopkeepers, housewives, students, professionals, insurance brokers, and cybercafés may all benefit from this unprecedented market opening of pan franchise.

Exactly What Does “Digital India” Entail?

The government of India launched a programme called “Digital India” Digital franchise hub to provide fast internet access to the country’s outlying regions. Prime Minister Narendra Modi established the Digital India Mission on July 1, 2015, with the intention of bolstering other government initiatives including Make in India, Bharatmala, Sagarmala, Startup India, BharatNet, and Standup India.

The goal of launching digital India franchise was to provide chances for people of all backgrounds to work in the burgeoning electronics industry. Digital India seeks to offer the much-needed drive to the nine pillars of development sectors. There are many different government agencies involved in each of these fields since each one has its own complicated programme. Here are Digital franchise hub Digital India’s nine pillars:

  • The term “broadband highways” refers to the infrastructure that enables the three subcomponents of “Broadband for All,” namely, “Broadband for All—Rural,” “Broadband for All—Urban,” and (NII).
  • Universal Access to Mobile Connection– This effort of digital India franchise focuses on network penetration and addressing the gaps in connectivity across the nation.
  • Public Internet Access Programme– The two sub components of Public Internet Access Programme for pan franchise are Common Services Center (CSCs) and Post Offices as multi-service centres.
  • E-Government: Transforming Public Administration with New Technologies- All Ministries/Departments should undertake re-engineering utilising IT to simplify and make the government’s procedures more efficient in order to alter the delivery of government services across different government domains.
  • The e-Kranti System: Instantaneous Service Delivery Online- To enhance the delivery of public services and ease the process of obtaining them. To usher in this new age of electronic government, multiple projects have been launched by both state and federal governments. In India, e-Governance has progressed beyond simple departmental computerization to more nuanced programmes emphasising citizen-centricity, service orientation, and transparency.
  • Information for All- This pillar of digital India franchise intends to guarantee transparency and availability of credible data created by the line ministries for usage, reuse and redistribution for the people of India.
  • Electronics Manufacturing- This pillar of a pan franchise focuses on boosting electronics manufacturing in the nation. This pillar is concerned with preparing young people for work in the information technology and business process outsourcing (IT/ITES) industries.
  • Early Harvest Programmes – These are a collection of shorter-term initiatives that have an immediate impact on the Indian digital ecosystem, such as an IT platform for mass messaging, crowd Sourcing of eGreetings, biometric attendance in government offices, WI-FI in all colleges, etc.

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Services Offered By Digital Franchise Hub

The Digital Franchise Hub like digital India franchise offers a wide variety of services. Both single-business and multiple-business operations may be launched from the same location.

Who may launch Digital Hub Franchise Business

In Digital franchise hub, most of them are accessible for a few chosen individuals who have a lot of money to invest but with a digital franchise hub, everyone can join and start with. There isn’t a significant monetary outlay required. This allows the below expert to quickly launch this company because of.

Everyone from businessmen and women to shopkeepers and stay-at-home moms to college students and young professionals to insurance brokers and owners of cyber cafes may get in on the action.

The Value of the Digital India Project

The goal of the Digital India Mission’s digital India franchise is to provide high-speed internet access to the country’s rural regions. The Public Internet Access Programme is a crucial component of the Digital India initiative. Among terms of digital adoption, India is in the top two nations worldwide, and its digital economy is expected to surpass $1 trillion by 2022. Some of the benefits of Digital India are:

  • E-governance has led to a rise in the number of business dealings conducted online.
  • To far, the Bharat Net initiative has succeeded in connecting approximately 1.15 million Gram Panchayats across a distance of 2,74,246 kilometres using an optical fibre network.
  • A Common Service Center (CSC) is built under the National e-Governance Project of the Indian government which gives access for information and communication technology (ICT) (ICT). Multimedia material relating to e-governance, education, health, telemedicine, entertainment, and other public and commercial services is made available via the CSCs’ computer and Internet access.
  • Create digital communities complete with infrastructure including solar power, LED assembly, sanitary napkin manufacturing, and Wi-Fi choupal.
  • A whopping 64% of urban residents now have access to the internet, making it a crucial component in the delivery of services.

Functionality of a Virtual Franchise Center

Agents are pleased with Digital franchise hub support and services thus far, based on the data available. The following resources and assistance are available to franchisees of the digital hub, giving them a leg up as they move into the next phase of company development:

  • 365 days a year, you can count on us for 24×7 service.
  • minimal expenditure
  • Overwhelming satifaction amongst sales staff: 9
  • Extensive documentation and access to all necessary training materials

Projects in Digital India

Numerous projects have been undertaken by the government as part of the Digital India pan franchise agenda. Here are only a few examples of such crucial endeavours:

This flagship programme for digital India franchise, known as DigiLockers, is dedicated to the concept of “Digital Empowerment” by making it possible for citizens to store and access official digital documents in a secure online wallet.

Cyber Hospitals – It’s an HMIS, or Hospital Management Information System, and it’s a centralised online hub for coordinating care amongst patients, medical facilities, and practitioners. Under the Digital India initiative, as many as 420 e-Hospitals have been set up by February 2021.

Through its website and mobile app, e-Pathshala, created by NCERT, promotes and distributes all educational e-resources, such as digital textbooks, audio and video recordings, magazines, and a wide range of other print and non-print materials.

The BHIM (Bharat Interface for Money) app streamlines the payment process by leveraging the Unified Payments Interface (UPI)


In the present day, everything is done online. You’ve probably been using the internet in your line of work recently, whether in e-commerce, the academic market, the insurance industry, or some other sector. This massive need opens up several doors for cutting-edge company owners to launch and expand their ventures.

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